Amazing EFM Havana Bluetooth Speaker Premium 20W Speaker Exclusively Engineered by EFM – Phantom Black in Sydney Australia

    The brand new EFM HAVANA BLUETOOTH SPEAKER is a premium 20W speaker designed and engineered by EFM. It features a minimalistic design with maximum audio performance whilst being compact and portable. The EFM Havana Speaker can be used indoors with tailored features such as ‘Home-Pair.’ With an IP67 Rating, the EFM Havana Speaker is water-resistant, drop and shockproof making it equally ideal for the outdoors. Constructed from premium materials and components with sleek industrial design features, the EFM Havana Speaker boasts immersive sound quality and is sure to grab the attention of those around. The Bluetooth broadcasting technology allows you to connect up to 40 x Havana Speakers allowing you to bring the festival to your very own home.


    Black, White


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