Amazing EFM Tru-Fit Machine (TFM) Universal EFM Screen Armour Installation Machine in Sydney Australia.

    The EFM Tru-Fit Machine (TFM) is universally compatible across key devices. It is designed to make the installation of the new EFM Dual Install Screen Armour range flawless every time. Having an EFM TFM in-store enables you to provide that next level of support to your customer, in addition to attracting new customers who are sold by the service. Our patented TFM is the most compact on the market, is made from precision machined Aluminium and most importantly, is easy to operate and achieve perfect results every time. Unlike other machines available, the EFM TFM does not require new jigs or parts every time a new device is launched. This is because the template is part of every new EFM Screen Armour SKU. This enables EFM to offer Dual Installation options to the customer across every SKU.


    Black / Space Grey


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